Coaching Programme

List of Our Modules:

Mental approach to high performance, learn all about performance under pressure, know yourself completely what makes you tick, what leads you to perform best; understand the power of fear and motivation, this is our Pre-season training package for elite teams condensed into a module for the aspiring athlete. Leadership on and off the pitch, how you act does matter.

Tackling, what RugbyPerformance are really passionate about! “Ju do rugby” infused with Cage Rugby and other Combat techniques, we cover all aspects of it. Collisions and contact phases, rucks mauls, cuddles etc. You think you know how to tackle until you’ve done this module. Not just how to tackle but why we do it a certain way and what outcomes we want out of it to make it a successful collision. You can build your whole game plan from this one module!

Defensive systems, understand the principles why we defend a certain way, how it connects with our tackling objectives and learn from one of the all time greats in the game – Clive Griffiths.

Strength and Conditioning, throughout we monitor you, at home and online making use of, we examine every session, we make use of state of the art equipment and some equipment that pre dates the dinosaurs. You get the science from Andy Titterrell and the attitude from Chris Chudleigh! Be shown how to train by one of the best in the business and learn what to eat to fuel it all.

The offensive aspect of the game on an individual level. Agility and evasion, the offensive aspect of cage rugby, it’s not enough just to be able to smash through people, you need to train and play smart to win easy as well as train hard!

Injury prevention and rehab, making use of our friends at The Foundry we have unrivalled expertise to teach you how to stay operational despite all the knocks and bumps playing and training at high intensity leaves you with.

Scrummage with Neil Edwards, not known for his scrummage as a player, as a coach he is an innovator in this part of the game. For those of you not concerned with the physics of push and push some more, Kicking strategies and kicking skills, learn how to, why to, when to, and also what to do to make it an effective tactic.

Lineout Neil Edwards was selected for Wales at A level purely for his Line out work, there is very little he does not know about this aspect of the game. We will even draft in Andy Titterrell for the throwing in! For the 3/4s we will cover Counter Attack, looking at vision, communication, and the decision making cycle as well as the actual mechanics of the where to attack and when it is a viable option. We will also major on the individual skills required of the players.

Diet and nutrition will be delivered throughout predominantly by Andy Titterrell who is the king for this. The free standing module will look at nutrition in slightly more challenging environments, on a strict budget, travelling to and from matches, how to cook so it’s appetising and how to form habits that you will stick to. It’s not all about nuts fish and white meat!!

Sevens: With Rugby Sevens now accepted into The Olympics and the circuit growing prominence both domestically and Internationally we thought that there is not enough knowledge out there not is there enough commitment to excel at the game, with very few teams able to commit to training regularly. Written by Scotland and British Army Sevens guru Mark Lee this module is a must for all who recognise that there is a career in the abbreviated game.

Running the game creating a game plan, creativity in attack, phase play, strategy and tactics and the difference between them. Strategy and tactics are not just for coaches, if you are to deliver their game plan you need to understand the whys and whats. Remember no plan survives contact with the enemy and the coach is not on the pitch when it all goes pear shaped. Learn the lessons that took 250 years for the British military to fully take heed of and completely understand how important it is for you to know what you are trying to achieve at every level.

Plays from set piece. Looking at attack and defence from set piece, understand how to build an attack from this platform and equally how to disrupt one. The set piece is simply the platform to build upon, though it is nice when it is the attacking weapon in its own right too! This follows on from creativity and defence modules and has input from Clive Griffiths.

Other areas covered throughout the course
Ball skills
Running Skills
Decision making with and without the ball
Sight training and scanning

All participants receive a training resource with modules included. There will be classroom work to write up and it needs to be kept somewhere!

All players will receive training Kit and casual wear as befits a professional training programme for staff and players..

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